TDS / EC Vandkvalitetsmåler

Reference: EC006

Test renheden i dit drikkevand, aquarium, naturlige kilder, swimming pool og mange andre 

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Yderligere information

Med denne simple 3 i 1 TDS vandkvalitetsmåler kan du nemt måle EC, TDS og Temperatur i vand af forskellige arter

Denne måler kan måle følgende:

Måleområde: 0-9999 ppm
Enhed: 1ppm
Nøjagtighed: +/- 2%
Mål: 16 x 3 x 1,5cm
Temp.: 0-99 °C; 32-212 °F, enhed 0,1 °C/F
Vægt: 57g, med etui: 77g
Batterier: 1 knapcelle 2032 

Engelsk manual:

TDS EC Meter Temperature Tester pen 3 In1 Function Conductivity Water Quality Measurement Tool 0-9000ppm

TDS water quality measuring pen is used to test the water TDS value, water conductivity, to determine the purity of water. At the same time both test the water temperature and ambient temperature function. Products can be widely used in water treatment industry, drinking water, family, personal home tourism, field operations as drinking water quality inspection tools.

Performance indication:
1. Test items:
Water quality TDS ppm (mg / L), conductivity us / cm, Celsius temperature °C, Fahrenheit temperature °F.

2. Basic functions:

* Switch / lock button (ON / OFF / HOLD) Function:

Power on: in the shutdown state, press the button, you can boot.

Automatic shutdown: 5 minutes after the use of automatic shutdown.

Manual shutdown: press the button 3s to shut down continuously.

* Press the function key to display the test water quality conductivity us / cm value, and then press once to display the Celsius temperature °, then press once again to display the Fahrenheit. The function selection button (MODE): the default display test water quality total solid dissolved amount ppm; Temperature °; then repeat the cycle to display the above.

* CLEAR key function: clear. Clear the lock read and re-test.

* Automatic test and lock reading: clear after the insertion of water can be automatically read, according to the different water quality shows the corresponding TDS value or conductivity us / cm value. And then automatically locked.

* Scale function: according to national standard scale. And with appropriate reference to international practice. Direct drinking water warning with reference to national standards using TDS = 40 for the dividing line. Less than 40 show green backlight, for qualified straight drinking water, more than 40 show red backlit, for non-direct drinking water.

* Backlight function: the use of low-power backlight, easy to night and light dark place for testing use. At the same time as a direct drinking water to determine the show.

* Large screen display: the use of high distortion STN thin liquid crystal, display 4-digit value and the corresponding physical unit.

TDS read range: 0-9999, identifier;
3. Supply voltage:
CR2032 battery, DC3V; 230mAh.
4. Test range:
TDS: 0 to 9999 ppm.
5. Accuracy:
± 2% F.S
6. Temperature test range:
0 ~ 99 ° (Fahrenheit for 32 ~ 212 °), accuracy ± 0.1 °.
7. Use of the environment:
0 ~ 50 °; the maximum relative temperature of 95%.

Instructions for use:
1, take the pen and open the ON / OFF switch.

2, the pen into the solution to be measured, the solution height can not exceed 4cm (from the beginning of the pen).

3, the pen gently in the test solution to stir a few times, such as reading stability. The measured value of the TDS is greatly influenced by the temperature, so the temperature compensation is used to correct the reading. The data shows the stability of the lock automatically after the lock. To manually lock, press the HOLD key. To re-test, press CLEAR key to clear, and then re-test. Press the MODE key to achieve the test function selection, in turn select: ppm, conductivity us / cm value, Celsius temperature °, Fahrenheit temperature °.

4, after use, with a cloth to dry the pen part of the water, the pen sets back.

5, press the ON / OFF button 3S, can be manually shut down.


1, please avoid the TDS test pen soaked into the water.

2, please avoid high temperature, direct light.

3, please avoid the impact, weight or fall.

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